Electrical Diagnosis & Repairs

Electrical Diagnosis & Repairs

Expert and experienced automotive electricians

Today’s vehicles have complex electrical and computer systems

Is your car having electrical problems?

From complex electrical problem diagnosis to a simple battery replacement, Littleton Auto Repairs helps with accurate diagnosis and excellent service.  We’ve seen challenging problems ranging from batteries mysteriously going dead or a car that wouldn’t start until the hood was open.  Of course the most common problems are dead batteries, or a malfunctioning starter or alternator that won’t charge the battery any more.

Sometimes the fixes to electrical problems are simple, while others are very time consuming.  Today’s computer systems can complicate the matter if the mechanics don’t have the training and expertise to do the job right.

At Littleton Auto Repair, our ASE Master Technicians have the training, certifications, experience and manufacturer resources to root out even the most complex automotive electrical problem.

5 ASE Certified Master Technicians

When it comes to electrical problems, our ASE Certified and Master technicians mechanics have the experience and training needed to get it done right.

Over 35 Years of Automotive Electrical Experience

Were part of the fabric of Littleton and have helped 1000s in our community with excellent care and quality services.

Nice, friendly and very helpful people

One of the big reasons we’ve been around so long is our people.  We truly treat you like you’re part of the family and how you deserve to be treated.

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