Engine Repair

Engine Repair

We provide complete engine service from diagnostics to complete replacement

Are you having engine problems?

Is your check engine light coming on?  Is your car overheating?  Is your car stalling?  Are you hearing strange noises like clicking or ticking?  These MAY be symptoms of a engine problems.  These items may ALSO be issues which are much less severe and less costly.

It is important to have your car looked at immediately if you suspect an engine problem to help prevent a more costly repair.  It is also important that you choose an auto repair shop that is truly expert at accurately diagnosing your car’s engine problems to help you avoid a costly mistake from less experienced mechanics.

To schedule an appointment, call us at  (720) 440-8140 or use our appointment request form.

5 ASE Certified Master Technicians

When it comes to engines, our ASE Certified and Master technicians (mechanics) have the experience and training needed to get it done right.

Over 35 Years of Engine Experience

Were part of the fabric of Littleton and have helped 1000s in our community with excellent care and quality services.

Nice, friendly and very helpful people

One of the big reasons we’ve been around so long is our people.  We truly treat you like you’re part of the family and how you deserve to be treated.

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