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Keep Your Engine Cool with an Effective Cooling System

Preventing an overheated engine is job #1 for your cooling system. If your engine overheats, it could cause major damage that requires an engine replacement which costs $1000’s. So, anytime you have a cooling system problem, it is critical to get it fixed right away.

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Preventive Maintenance on Your Cooling System Is Important

Your cooling system consists of anti-freeze/coolant, radiator, water pump, belts, and hoses. All of these things are important to keep an eye on and service at your manufacturer’s maintenance intervals.

When Was the Last Time You Changed Your Coolant?

Your coolant has the job of both keeping your engine cool, but did you know it also acts as a protectant for your cooling system components? With time, your coolant’s protective qualities degrade and eventually stop protecting your car. This increase the chance of rust and corrosion inside of your cooling system parts. This neglect can lead to new radiators, new water pumps and possibly an overheated engine.

Your car’s manufacturer provides you with guidelines on how frequently your coolant should be completely flushed out and replace with new, fresh coolant. These guidelines can be modified due to your driving habits, type of normal driving (towing, long or short drives, high traffic, etc) and environmental factors such as dusty roads.

You can trust Littleton Auto Repair to give you the best advice for your particular situation.

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