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With Your Automatic Transmission, Expertise Is Critical

Your transmission is possibly the most expensive repair your car can have. With many cars, it’s more costly than a new engine. The reason for this is the amazing complexity of gears and computer-controlled systems that make your car shift from one gear to another.

The variety of trouble that comes from the automatic transmission can vary from minor to major repairs. Misdiagnosing the problem could turn into an unneeded major replacement. That’s why it’s critical to use a trusted mechanic that really knows transmissions so you get an accurate diagnosis and quality repair. Inexperienced general mechanics can get it wrong, leaving you with a big bill.

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What Type of Automatic Transmission Maintenance Is Required?

At the core of your automatic transmission is a whole lot of gears. Those gears need lubrication to ensure that the friction is low so the transmission doesn’t overheat and cause a breakdown. Also, that fluid protects against corrosion in the transmission.

It is important to change out the fluid periodically. We usually recommend at least every two years that you completely flush out the old transmission fluid along with any metal shavings caused by normal wear and tear. The service interval will vary depending on your make, model and your particular driving habits.

As a normal course of our maintenance inspection, we do check your transmission fluid’s protective properties. If we find that it needs replacement we will let you know.

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