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Expert and Experienced AC Mechanics

Is your car’s air conditioning not working right? Trust the mechanics at Littleton Auto Repair for expert repair services for your car.

ac repair

Proper AC Maintenance

Recharge the AC system with the correct type and quantity of refrigerant periodically. You should also be on the lookout for leaks, cracks and damage. Sometimes it is normal to empty out the old refrigerant and replace it with fresh fluid. Having an AC pro like the ASE Master Technicians at Littleton Auto Repair look over your AC system can prevent problems as well as solve existing ones. If you’re having any AC problems, schedule an appointment soon because waiting may cost you more if a component fails.

The Most Common Problems and Solutions for Your Car’s AC Include:

The air is not cooling, you hear a strange noise coming from the engine area when you turn it on, the car feels ‘moist’ inside when the AC is on, the air coming out of the AC smells, or you notice a leak of refrigerant under your car or from your AC system.

Just like other systems in your car, preventive maintenance is key in keeping your Air Conditioner run properly. If the air’s not cooling, it could be just low refrigerant (many cars lose as much as 15% each year normally). It may also indicate a problem with the condenser or compressor, or other related parts.

If you’re hearing a noise it may be due to a dying compressor or a broken part. If the air feels moist, you could be looking at some debris or moisture that has become trapped inside of your AC System. If the air smells, it could be due to bacteria growing in the system – this can happen when it’s not used often. And if you see a leak, it means something is broken that needs immediate attention.

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